Rory Sabbatini at the Honda Classic.
Fred Vuich/SI
By Woody Hochswender
Friday, March 11, 2011

Looking like a trail boss en route to wrangling a win at the Honda Classic last week, Rory Sabbatini showed off a unique Western hat and a customized pair of Adidas golf shoes.

The turned-up brim cowboy hat, according to our historical research, is sometimes called the "Carlsbad" style (interesting in itself, since Sabbatini's equipment sponsor, TaylorMade-Adidas, is based in Carlsbad, Calif.). The hat was created because he has had a few skin cancer scares, according to an Adidas spokesperson, so this helps protect his face from the sun. He also is a transplanted Westerner, residing in Fort Worth, Texas, when not on the road.

Sabbatini's shoes are a version of Adidas's popular Powerband model but in the black and red colors of South Africa, Sabbatini's homeland. His children's initials—"HTB" for Harley (son), Tylie Jo (daughter), and Bodhi (son)—are appliquéd on the side. Bodhi, by the way, is also the name given to the tree beneath which the historical Buddha meditated to achieve his enlightenment.

Sabbatini seems to have a thing for Buddhism. His belt buckle had a large metal Buddha on it.

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