Rickie Fowler is currently 13th in the Ryder Cup standings.
Fred Vuich/SI
By Woody Hochswender
Tuesday, June 08, 2010

After his third second-place finish on tour this year, Rickie Fowler has the golf world abuzz. Not just for his impressive swing and go-for-it mentality, but also for his wild clothes. Puma Golf is paying him to make a splash, and he definitely did.

Each day at the Memorial Tournament he wore a different color — light blue, light green, darker blue — culminating in the blinding, orange-sherbet melange for the final day, when his lead melted away in the back nine. We're not sure about this look. This was not a color combo for the faint of heart (even the belt was bright orange). To be kind, it was vivid. It was striking. It was different. But was it good? Was he dressed for success?

Above all on the course, you want to be comfortable and feel good to go. Maybe they should try dressing him all-white or some other neutral tone for some key rounds. But don't tone him down too much. With Tiger in a quiescent phase, golf needs a little electricity. And Fowler was nothing if not electric.

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