ClubTest 2014: Cobra Tour Trusty Wedges

Photo: Snap36

Cobra Tour Trusty Wedges

Cobra Tour Trusty Wedges
Category: Wedges
Price: $120
48°/8°, 50°/8°, 52°/8°, 54°/10°, 56°/8°, 56°/12°, 58°/8°, 60°/6°, 60°/10°, 62°/8°, 64°/8° with True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 steel shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A notched “K-grind” sole adds versatility from all manner of lies.

Cuts through all kinds of turf without a problem; the sole grind really shines around the greens, where it gets you out of trouble time after time; fairly solid, if unspectacular, from the sand and tricky lies.
DISTANCE CONTROL: Tight dispersion pattern, including mis-hits; easy to lock in specific distances from the fairway and fairly predictable on greenside shots; no problem getting it right when you put a solid strike on the ball.
FEEL: Full shots provide a crisp sensation and enough feedback to let you know how well you hit it; very stable through trouble and not bad from the fairway, even if you miss it a bit; for some, it delivers a pleasing impact feel, even if it’s not the softest of all the clubs tested.
LOOK: A fairly large, round head gives the impression that it’s easy to hit; clean lines set up nicely and aim easily at address; traditional styling sits well on the turf or in your bag.

Not the softest feel or best-sounding model; a few panelists notice slightly less spin than with others tested; it’s not the best on shots that require an open clubface; overall performance in sand could be better.

BOTTOM LINE: The Tour Trusty has a familiar shape with a sole design that can go through just about any lie you encounter.

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