Cobra King F6 Driver
Courtesy of Cobra
Thursday, February 11, 2016


CATEGORY: Game Improvement Drivers
PRICE: $350
WE TESTED: 10.5° (adjusts 9° to 12°) with Matrix Red Tie 60Q4 graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Position the heavier 10-gram weight forward for a lower, penetrating ball flight or back for a higher flight.


DISTANCE: One of the longer clubs in the class; low-spin without being no-spin— a TrackMan darling, delivering a few memorable drives per round; a true workhorse, equal to or longer than what most guys put in play.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Straight-up straight—misses are rare and hardly noticeable; toe and heel strikes aren’t just in play, they’re downright impressive on their own; controls spin all over the face to limit penalties on misses.
FEEL: Light, large and stable; a generous, well-balanced club—easy to move through the swing but with a mean streak at impact; the ball’s just a bug on the windshield, sent off with a bright, metallic spring.
PLAYABILITY: The club’s adjustability works as advertised, and it’s surprisingly easy to use; the movable weight on the sole can totally flip trajectory from soaring to driving, and the hosel is as effective as anything out there.
LOOK: Full-bodied and friendly—it looks like it might devour the ball at address; large, but not clumsy—it gives you the confidence to wail away; bonus points for the range of paint schemes— there’s something for everyone looking for his inner Fowler.


It’s light, and for some a little whippy—a couple of guys with quicker tempos struggle to keep things in line; one or two testers have trouble squaring up the big head; some actually miss the bright orange head.

BOTTOM LINE: A tester favorite. The Cobra King F6 features enough forgiveness for high-handicappers to enjoy and enough fun for more discerning players to tinker with— it combines last year’s Fly Z and Z+ in one easy-swinging package.

HOT STIX'S TAKE: The biggest change from last year’s Fly-Z to the King F6 is the ability to move two weights, one in the back and one closer to the face. The Fly-Z had only one weight in the rear.Launch: Mid; Spin: Low-Mid




From, November 17, 2015:

A 10g flip weight in the sole of the new F6 driver allows for customized CG location and performance; the front position promotes a lower trajectory, less spin, and more roll out while the rear position yields a higher trajectory, longer carry, and increased forgiveness on off center hits.

The F6 also features Cobra's adjustable hosel technology that provides eight different loft settings including three draw (9.5°,10.5°,11.5°) and five neutral settings (9°,9.5°,10.5°,11.5°,12°). In addition, an adjustable pad in the sole can be used to create a square face angle regardless of the loft setting. A thinner and lighter clubface further contributes to longer distance while four color options (black, white, blue, and gray) give an option for players who want a custom look. A Matrix OZIK Red Tie 65Q4 shaft comes standard. -- Michael Chwasky


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