ClubTest 2013: Cobra Baffler T-Rail+ Hybrid

Photo: Snap36

Cobra Baffler T-Rail+ Hybrid

Cobra Baffler T-Rail+ Hybrid
Category: Game-Improvement Hybrids
Price: $159
3/H (19°), 5/H (25°) with Graphite Design G-Series graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Two tungsten rails position the CG lower and deeper for a higher trajectory and a more penetrating ball flight. The high-strength 455 maraging steel face is thinner, lighter and livelier than last year's model for faster ball speeds.

Consistently penetrating flight—straight, without too much height; balls get up rapidly and with ease out of the fairway, sand or rough; bounce on the leading edge helps the sole glide over the hitting surface.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Shots stay reasonably close to the intended line on poor swings; thin hits won't kill you directionally or distance-wise.
DISTANCE: Mis-hits muster respectable length thanks to a relative lack of sidespin and ample roll; slower swingers should benefit from the fast-rising trajectory and penetrating flight out of rough.
FEEL: Shots have some real heat to them coming off the face; head-heavy club is very apparent when swinging and easy to square up at impact; good balance and weighting lets you swing aggressively with confidence.
LOOK: Much more subdued and mature than last year's Baffler, with red replacing neon yellow on the head and gray replacing the fluorescent-colored grips.

The T-Rail+ doesn't offer as much help on off-center hits as some other hybrid offerings; the overly firm impact feel makes it difficult to identify the contact area on mis-hits; toe and heel shots produce too many low curve balls.

BOTTOM LINE: Many testers find it to be more of a player's hybrid than your typical Baffler. A hard-hitting bullet machine that's very good at moving the ball down the fairway.

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