ClubTest 2013: Cobra Baffler T-Rail+ Fairway Woods

Photo: Snap36

Cobra Baffler T-Rail+ Fairway Wood

Cobra Baffler T-Rail+ Fairway Woods
Category: Game-Improvement Fairway Woods
Price: $179
3/F (16°) and 5/F (18°) with Graphite Design G-Series graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The tungsten rails are 15 percent heavier than in the previous T-Rail fairway woods, creating a lower CG and higher launch. The Graphite Design G Series shaft contributes to a higher launch, more penetrating flight, and longer distance.

Shots launch high and stay up in the air for a very long time, like a hot air balloon, regardless of the lie.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Delivers shots on a string with little effort; clubhead is easy to square up and hit on the desired target line.
DISTANCE: Off-center hits maintain distance and are fairly comparable to center hits; easy launch is a bonus for those players who typically don't hit it very far.
FEEL: Soft, buttery smooth feeling at impact with good sense of compression on center and off-center hits; clubhead is light yet stable enough and easy to move through the ball.
LOOK: Shallow profile and slightly raised rails on toe and heel areas of the sole give you confidence to launch the ball from virtually anywhere; traditional Cobra snake logo and ridge along the crown aid with alignment.

One of the shortest fairway woods in its class -- it launches the ball too high and with too much spin for some testers; extremely lofty ball flight makes it difficult to shape shots.

BOTTOM LINE: A very forgiving club whose best attribute is its ability to launch the ball up in the air from any kind of lie.

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