ClubTest 2013: Cobra Baffler Hybrid Irons

Photo: Snap36

Cobra Baffler Hybrid Irons

Cobra Baffler Hybrid Irons
Category: Max Game-Improvement Irons
Price: $499, steel; $599, graphite
4-GW with MRC Cobra Baffler graphite shaft.
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The low-profile, stainless steel heads have a lower CG, more draw bias and “faster” faces than the S3 Max. Baffler Hybrid also comes as a Combo set with hybrids (4 to 6).

One of its major strengths; a repeating, high, penetrating ball flight that moves quite easily from right to left; wide sole works well.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Anything but the worst mis-hits fly high and straight; testers can count on shots to go where they expect time and again.
DISTANCE CONTROL: Golfers seeking more distance in their mid- and short irons will find it here; the 4- and 5-irons are just as long as any hybrid.
FEEL: Generally soft, quiet feel at impact, although not too mushy; impact is barely noticeable on longer irons.
LOOK: The face is more compact (i.e., shallow) than others in this category, but there’s plenty of noticeable help in the trunk; the topline has an unusual curved look to it.

A few testers find the feel to be too dull and uninspiring and not responsive enough; strangely, a small minority says it’s not the easiest set in the bunch to get airborne; the short, squatty profile in longer irons isn’t too appealing to some.

BOTTOM LINE: One of the top Max GI models tested. High marks for playability, accuracy and distance.

MORE INFO: Cobra Baffler Hybrid Irons

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