Cobra AMP Cell Hybrid
Monday, April 01, 2013

Cobra AMP Cell Hybrid
Category: Better-Player Hybrids
Price: $189
2 3-4 (19° to 22°) with Cobra MRC AMP Cell graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The "SmartPad" sole design keeps the face in a neutral position as you make loft adjustments. The adjustable "MyFly" hosel lets players choose among four lofts. The AMP Cell comes in gray, red, blue or orange.

An all-purpose hybrid; a naturally high hitter that can deliver any shot you dream up from a wide range of lies; testers love the added versatility of the adjustable hosel with six settings.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Top marks for accuracy; offers great directional correction and shots stick to the greens; good help on mis- hits from a smallish clubhead.
DISTANCE: Comparable length to others tested across the entire face; plays true to its loft with plenty of carry.
FEEL: Bright and lively pop at impact; light overall weight but well balanced -- easy to track the head during the swing and rock-steady through the ball.
LOOK: A compact, low-profile head shape; hides the adjustable hosel well at address.

The combination of a bright- colored head and futuristic, busy graphics on the shaft are a turnoff for some testers; a few guys see shots balloon, on occasion, when they make quick, aggressive swings.

BOTTOM LINE: The AMP Cell is at or near the top in every category. It's an exceptionally accurate, adjustable shot- maker with versatility to spare.

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