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ClubTest: Drivers

ClubTest: Drivers
Fred Vuich
How We Did It:
We captured testers' launch data with their current clubs using the AccuSport Vector launch monitor. Test clubs were put through a diagnostic evaluation at Hot Stix Golf headquarters in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Hot Stix fitters recommended the match between test clubs and testers. Our ClubTesters evaluated the three models on the driving range and in on-course action. For a detailed description of the methodology, visit our web site at

Callaway FT-i
$625, graphite;

9.5° Neutral, 10° Neutral, 11° Neutral, 9.5° Draw, 10° Draw and 11° Draw with Fujikura Speeder 586 graphite shaft

"Discretionary weight is precisely positioned in the outer corners of the head to produce the highest total inertia of any driver on the market. The resistance to horizontal and vertical twisting provides unrivaled forgiveness and more distance."


• "Corrects mistakes better than any driver I've tried."—Michael Jo (handicap 11)
• "Ugly duckling on first tee, a swan by 18."—Lee Neisler (3)
• "Nearly impossible to miss the sweet spot."—Jack Record (15)
• "The sound takes getting used to but the result is music to my ears!"—Bud Adler (15)
• "This is the most accurate driver I've hit."—Randy Rochefort (2)
• "Side spin is history."—Roger Liau (18)
• "Long, with fine accuracy." —Jon Tate (4)

• "An annoying impact sound."—Mark Haberstroh (5)
• "Doesn't feel like anything at impact." —Joe Nagel (3)

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