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ClubTest 2007

GOLF Magazine's editors review thousands of applications and interview candidates we think would make exceptional ClubTesters. We watch video of their swings and critique their answers to detailed questions. After months of deliberation, we selected 40 ClubTesters. Their handicaps range from 2 to 20—one-third are single-digit handicaps, two-thirds are double-digits. Those selected fell evenly into three age groups—20 to 39 years old, 40 to 49 years old and 50 or older. (Ages range from 25 to 66 years old.)

Individual testers try all the clubs in a particular category (drivers, hybrids, irons, etc). We use full sets (not partial), both on the driving range and on course in real game conditions. (For your benefit, we spell out the exact lofts and shaft models tested.) We make sure not to overload our panel with an enormous number of clubs, because we want them as sharp on the final day of testing as they were on the first.

Lastly, we divide irons into three distinct categories—better-player irons (tested by panelists with 2 to 10 handicaps only), game-improvement irons (10 to 20 handicaps only) and max game-improvement irons (14 to 20 handicaps) for higher handicappers. For a more detailed description of the methodology, visit

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