ClubTest 2006: Drivers

Cleveland Launcher Ti460
$390, graphite;

WE TESTED 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5° with Launcher Silver graphite shaft

THE COMPANY LINE "Fifteen percent of the crown's weight is removed and redistributed around the club's perimeter for a lower center of gravity and higher launch angle."

  • "No distractions to hinder aim."—Jim Esther (handicap 20)
  • "Rock-solid at impact, and the ball stayed in play even on mis-hits."—Victor DeMarco (12)
  • "It's silly long."—C.J. Bush (19)
  • "Plenty of room to find a place to cream it. Even when you slip up, you get a trajectory that returns the ball to center with few lost yards."—Stacey Fitts (17)
  • "Launcher is all about forgiveness."—Jim Hurley (9)
  • "I could hit it long with control."—Rich Bernstein (15)
  • "Way better than my current driver in balance, feel, flight and distance. The penetrating flight allowed 10 to 15 extra yards on the roll."—Ken Stauffer (14)
  • Cons
  • "It's great if you need slice correction. Otherwise, the closed face made it scary to hit."—Jeff Bones (10)
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