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ClubTest 2006: Better-Player Irons

Fred Vuich
Bridgestone J33 Forged Cavity Back
$899, steel; $1,099 graphite;

WE TESTED: 3-PW with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft

THE COMPANY LINE "The progressive muscle thickness enhances feel. The center of gravity makes long irons easier to square and short irons very stable thru impact."

  • "Simple, no-frills design for guys who are more about playing than displaying."—Barry Fasenmyer (handicap 6)
  • "I didn't arrive at ClubTest thinking, 'Wow, I'm testing Bridgestones,' but I'm thrilled I played them."—Jon Kotraba (10)
  • "Feel, balance and weight is consistent." —Jim Perzan (9)
  • "They feel crisp and firm rather than soft and buttery." —Jim Hurley (9)
  • "I feathered delicate shots and stood on J33s knowing they'd give me what I wanted."—Mike Nastasi (7)
  • "They follow instructions to a tee."—Anthony Spikes (1)
  • "Not overly long, but you can count on them."—Randy Rochefort (2)
  • Cons
  • "Sidespin sensitive so you won't get away with murder." —Chad Johnson (8)
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