ClubTest 2014: Cleveland Smart Sole Wedges

Photo: Michael Chini

Cleveland Smart Sole Wedges

Cleveland Smart Sole Wedges
Category: Wedges
Price: $100
42° (C wedge) and 58° (S wedge) with Cleveland Traction steel shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The 58° S wedge (pictured) has a wide sole with lots of bounce to prevent excess digging in the sand or rough.

The S wedge is basically automatic on most bunker shots and better than expected on approaches from the fairway; testers could effectively bump and run shots with the C club; the S handles straightforward chips and pitches fairly well, but again, it shines from soft sand.
DISTANCE CONTROL: Dialing in distances from the sand is the S club’s forte; ample weight in the club promotes consistent swings, and you get equally consistent distances around the green; once you’re used to the chipper, it’s dead on from the fringe, short rough and fairway lies.
FEEL: Tons of stability through the hit—no twisting; surprisingly responsive and pleasing at impact; the chipper glides through turf and the ball shoots off effortlessly.
LOOK: At address, the S wedge doesn’t look that different from a 588, which is amazing considering its sole width; the low-profile C wedge looks like an old-school chipper and gives plenty of confidence that you’ll strike it solid.

Some complain that the C club is a one-trick pony and not versatile enough for their needs; the wide-sole S club can make more advanced shots tricky; both clubs lack the soft feel that some testers expect from a premium wedge.

BOTTOM LINE: Broad-sole design aimed at players who want to solve basic short-game challenges without much concern for versatility.

BUY THE CLUB: Get your own Cleveland Smart Sole Wedges
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