Schecter Lee
Friday, January 01, 2010

From Golf Magazine (Buyer's Guide, May 2009)

It's for: Mid- and high-handicappers

Steve Chien, VP of R&D: "We want to leverage our experience with wedge and iron designs. Our goal is to create a versatile hybrid club that improves scoring for the majority of players. We combine features from a wedge, iron, putter and hybrid to allow you to play several different shots with a single club."

How it works: This first-of-its-kind short iron hybrid can be used for chips, pitches, approaches and recovery shots. The versatile Niblick looks like a standard iron at address but has hybrid-like perimeter weighting due to a thick rear flange. The clubhead is 20 grams heavier than a regular wedge, with 3° more upright lie for a pendulum-like chipping motion. Ample sole bounce (8°) reduces the likelihood of chunking it from the fairway. A vibration-damping material behind the hitting area softens feel, and "zip" grooves get balls dancing. Think of it as a chipper that carries like a 9-iron or wedge on full swings. Lofts: 37° or 42°; Length: 35".


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