ClubTest 2013: Cleveland Classic Hybrid

Photo: Snap36

Cleveland Classic Hybrid

Cleveland Classic Hybrid
Category: Game-Improvement Hybrids
Price: $149
H3 (20.5°) with Matrix Ozik X-Con h6 graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The CG is positioned deeper in the head to promote a higher launch and a more penetrating flight. The Gliderail sole -- two rails and a subtle center keel -- reduces turf drag and promotes a higher launch and more forgiveness.

Penetrating, medium-high ball flight; slightly lower trajectory than many others, but still much easier to get airborne than a 3-iron; scalloped sole and rails are useful from a variety of lies.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Well-struck shots are rewarded with fine accuracy; redirects slight mis-hits toward the target but generally leaves you with what you deserve.
DISTANCE: As long as any other 3-hybrid in the test; well-struck balls hit the ground running to maximize distance.
FEEL: Center contact delivers a sweet, "nailed it" feel with a good sense of ball compression; dense, almost wooden feel, except for a metallic crack sound.
LOOK: Subtle, clean, traditional look -- doesn’t try to be a fairway wood like some others; nice, sleek contrast between shiny black head and brushed-metal silver face.

Not as good from the rough or at getting shots airborne as some other hybrids; falls short of others in terms of forgiveness; lacks the iron-like playability that some more skilled players want in a hybrid.

BOTTOM LINE: A solid alternative to the longer irons in your set. The Classic delivers above-average distance and, while not the most forgiving of hybrids, typically keeps you in the ballpark.

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