By Rob Sauerhaft
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cleveland CG Black Driver
Price: $349;

Though still known primarily for its wedges, Cleveland has spent the last few years trying to make a splash in the long game with some of the lightest drivers on the market. Its newest entrant is the lightest yet. The CG Black tips the scales at a featherweight 260 grams (courtesy of a 187-gram head, a 44-gram shaft and a 25-gram grip). That’s 10 grams lighter than the company’s current max game-improvement model, the 588 Altitude, and around 40 to 50 grams less than you’d find in a more typical driver. The CG Black is designed for players who have swing speeds between 80 and 90 mph. The nonadjustable club produces a similar amount of backspin to the 588 Altitude. However, the CG Black’s lower center of gravity and new 46-inch, 44-gram Mitsubishi Bassara shaft let its target audience produce higher-launching shots for maximum carry distance. In fact, shots launch 1° to 2° higher than the company’s CG Black driver from 2012.

Additionally, this forgiving stick boasts a higher overall balance point, freeing up golfers to swing faster and rotate the club easier with the same amount of effort. The titanium 6-4 face features four distinct thicknesses—it’s thickest in the center and thinnest in the high-toe and low-toe areas—in order to improve distance and direction on off-center hits. Lofts: 9°, 10.5°, 12°. Available November 14.

Cleveland CG Black Driver
Michael Chini
Cleveland CG Black Driver

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