ClubTest 2013: Cleveland 588 TT Irons

Photo: Snap36

Cleveland 588 TT Irons

Cleveland 588 TT Irons
Category: Better-Player Irons
Price: $699, steel
3-PW with Cleveland Traction 85 steel shaft.
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The 588 TT has a thicker topline and stronger lofts than its predecessor, the CG16 Tour. A constant blade height and progressive blade length (3-iron is longest) contribute to more forgiving long irons.

Automatically straight, high shots; thick, heavy sole for a better player's iron plows through rough; long irons can hold their own against hybrids.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: This club's strongest attribute -- as forgiving as many game-improvement irons; exceptional directional correction -- a hard club to hook or slice.
DISTANCE CONTROL: Average distance on solid strikes; covers up misses -- off-center strikes still get on or around the green.
FEEL: The forged face in a cast head provides a hot, springy feel while maintaining some softness; it's easy to feel the head throughout the swing; bottom weighting cruises through tough lies.
LOOK: A subdued, friendly-looking iron; more heft than a true blade, but compact at address; large cavity stays tucked away at address.

Lacks the hallmarks of a true blade -- testers have a hard time hitting it anywhere but straight, and struggle with delicate shots; hot face makes distances tough to dial in; bulkier than others in the category, the thick topline is a deal-breaker with some testers.

BOTTOM LINE: A forgiving iron that falls somewhere between the Better-Player and Game- Improvement categories. A player who values ease of use but wants some blade-like touches should consider it.

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