Cleveland 588 Altitude Irons

Photo: Snap36

Cleveland 588 Altitude

From GOLF Magazine (December, 2012)
Designed For: Mid- and high-handicappers
As its name suggests, this set is designed to hit the ball on a high trajectory, making it ideal for moderate speed swingers and low-ball hitters. The club’s hollow headed construction (comparable to a hybrid) enables more weight to be redistributed internally to maximize MOI and to precisely locate the center of gravity (CG). Incremental improvements over its predecessor, the HB3, include a more streamlined appearance, a forged 17-4 stainless steel face for faster ball speeds, a thinner face for a lower, deeper CG and a softer 431-stainless steel body that’s bendable for lie and loft. The 588 Altitude has the same specs—lie, shaft length and loft—as the 588 MT (Mid Trajectory) and 588 TT (Tour Trajectory) irons, which allow you to combine different models in your set.



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