ClubTest 2013: Callaway X Hot Pro Hybrid

Photo: Snap36

Callaway X Hot Pro Hybrid

Callaway X Hot Pro Hybrid
Category: Better-Player Hybrids
Price: $179
20° with Project X Velocity graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: AA thinner stainless steel face generates faster ball speeds than the previous model. Additional heel-toe camber makes it easy to tackle any lie.

A true troubleshooter that thrives in tough spots; can get the ball up and out of any lie with ease; small, nimble head absolutely carves through rough; favors the high ball, but can work any shot with relative ease.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Surgically precise on center contact; rewards smooth swingers with consistent results; mis-hits carry fairly well for a club this size.
DISTANCE: Overall length is comparable to others tested; shines on the course -- delivers a full measure from almost any lie; high, floating trajectory results in lots of carry.
FEEL: Honest, old school feedback -- good swings are rewarded with a woody, solid sensation while bad ones feel jarring and harsh; a well-balanced club.
LOOK: Small, shallow head with basic gray finish; spoon-like look with friendly leading edge makes high shots feel easy; looks more offset than it plays.

Some testers don't care for the offset look in a small head; it can be tough to flight down, especially off the tee; requires precision -- heel or toe misses can produce a lot of sidespin.

BOTTOM LINE: One of the top clubs tested. It's an old-fashioned rescue hybrid that does its best work from your worst lies.

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