Callaway HEX Black Golf Ball

Photo: Callaway

Look for the new HEX Black Tour to start arriving in pro shop in early March for $45.99 per dozen.

Callaway golf balls have always been eye-catching due to their hexagonal dimples, but Callaway's new HEX Black Tour ball, which replaces Callaway's Tour i(z) and Tour i(s), is even more distinctive.

Designed for better players who want to reduce spin on shots hit off the tee but still make the ball dance around the green, the new HEX Black Tour is a five-piece ball with two core layers and two mantle layers under a urethane cover. Effective? It worked for Phil Mickelson, who switched to the ball at the start of this season and won with it at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

According to Callaway, the inner core of the ball is much softer than the outer core. This lower-compression inner core helps to keep spin down on drives and iron shots, but the company says that the firmer, higher-compression outer core should help you spin the ball more easily on pitches and chips.

The two mantle layers are made from a Surlyn blend and help increase the HEX Black Tour's speed, while a re-engineered urethane cover is being touted as extremely soft but significantly more durable.

So why is the pattern on the cover designed with hexagons? Callaway says that using hexagons allows 100 percent of the ball to be covered, unlike round-dimple patterns that the company says only cover about 88 percent of the ball. Callaway says its hexagonal pattern makes the ball more aerodynamic and more stable in windy conditions.

Look for the new HEX Black Tour to start arriving in pro shop in early March for $45.99 per dozen.


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