The 4 i-brid has a beefier, wider sole, to produce easy lift from hard-to-hit long irons.
Schecter Lee
By Rob Sauerhaft
Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Big Bertha brand has been synonymous with ultra-forgiving irons since it was first stamped on a set more than a decade ago. For 2008, this stainless steel classic gets modernized. The most striking change is to the long (3-, 4- and 5-) irons. Dubbed "i-brids," these hybrid-like long-iron replacements are built for control (like irons), as well as distance and versatility (like hybrids).

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\nIn fact, each iron in the set has more mass lower and toward the heel and toe than the previous Bertha (released in 2006). The new center of gravity is 30 percent farther back from the clubface; the combined inertia (the club's ability to resist twisting) from heel-to-toe and topline-to-sole is 33 percent greater. In short, this Bertha is one straight shooter.
$599, steel; $799, graphite;

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