ClubTest 2014: Callaway Apex Pro Irons

ClubTest 2014: Callaway Apex Pro Irons
ClubTester Patrick Kennedy talks about one of his favorite irons in ClubTest 2014, the Callaway Apex Pro.

Callaway Apex Pro Irons
Category: Better-Player Irons
Price: $1,099, steel
3, 6, 8, PW with KBS Tour-V steel shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Extra-wide grooves lead to more consistent spin and control.

A low-stress, do-it-all club that puts you in total control of ball flight and distance; sole-relief helps the leading edge glide through the turf.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: User-friendly without sacrificing precision; covers up misses as well as any iron in the category, especially in longer irons; keeps mediocre swings on the green for most testers.
DISTANCE CONTROL: Above-average length on full swings; long irons feel hot and really fly; consistent shot to shot and lie to lie; ekes out some extra carry on misses, particularly thin shots.
FEEL: Super stable and surprisingly soft; heavy head drives through the ball but feels well balanced throughout the swing; friendly, cushioned feedback is better to mask your flaws than diagnose them.
LOOK: Clean, simple, elegant -- as pretty as anything Callaway has put out to date; all business over the ball, with little offset and the cavity safely tucked out of sight; not too thin, not too meaty -- instills confidence at address.

For a few testers, slight mis-hits lose a lot off pure strikes; heavy head isn’t for everybody, and lowish launch costs a few testers yardage. Blade purists might prefer more instructive feedback on misses.

BOTTOM LINE: An all-around all-star, near the top of the test in every category. This smooth, suave iron can handle any order in style.

MORE INFO: Callaway Apex Pro Irons
BUY THE CLUB: Get your own Callawa Apex Pro Irons
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