Boccieri El Mid-Weight H1-M Putter
Michael Chini
Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Boccieri El Mid-Weight H1-M
Category: Midsize Mallet Putters
Price: $170
38” shaft length
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The 400-gram head is counterbalanced by a 175-gram weight in the 17” grip, which shifts the balance point higher for a pendulum-like stroke.

There’s a learning curve with this super-heavy putter; once testers grow accustomed to the pendulum approach—taking the club back and letting the head swing through, instead of hitting it— short and long putts become easy to execute.
FEEL: Testers continually reference its extreme heaviness, which helps take the hands out of the equation—a plus for anyone struggling to find a smooth stroke; a few testers rave about the quiet click at impact; extra weight means little twisting on off-center hits.
LOOK: Center-shafted, semicircular, satin-finish head with a long counterbalanced grip that can be held at various lengths; a simple design with a single long sightline that encourages proper setup over the ball.

Not for players who like a lot of feedback—it can be difficult to differentiate between center and off-center hits; some guys have difficulty getting an acceptable rhythm and tempo with the heavy club; this putter takes time to master.

BOTTOM LINE: Because of its weight, this stable putter stays on line. It’s great for anyone who wants to quiet down overly active hands.

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