Bettinardi Studio Stock 6 Putter
Courtesy of Bettinardi
Tuesday, May 17, 2016


CATEGORY: Blade Putters
PRICE: $400
WE TESTED: 34", 35" lengths
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The 358-gram head has a full toe-hang.


DISTANCE CONTROL: After a few putts, it's easy to know how to hit it from every length—solid strikes send balls rolling end over end at predictable speeds; imparts a good amount of energy—not too hot or soft; easy to square the blade for consistent results.
FEEL: Heavier than some, but well-balanced; significant toe-hang promotes a steady arc stroke; crisp on center strikes; twisting and light vibrations accompany toe and heel hits; deep-etched grip pleasantly relays info to the fingertips.
LOOK: An elegant nod to blades of old; bronze finish is beautiful from every angle and eliminates glare; milling pattern adds to its rich look; relatively large topline helps with aim in the absence of an actual sightline.


Not as forgiving as some others in the test; players with straight-back-and-through strokes will have a hard time holding it off; no alignment aid.

BOTTOM LINE: The Studio Stock 6 is one of the top picks in the test. It's a beautiful, classic design that provides outstanding feel and roll, especially for players with stronger arcing strokes.


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