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Nike One Tour Vapor golf ball
Schecter Lee
Nike One Tour Vapor golf ball

Stephen Loflin
Current ball: Multilayer urethane cover
Age: 38 Handicap: 12
Height: 5'8" Weight: 155 lbs.
Occupation: Bartender
Residence: Duluth, GA New ball: Nike One Vapor

Rock Ishii: "Stephen's flight characteristics off the tee [medium-high flight, 140 to 145 mph ball speed, 12-degree launch angle and a slight draw] suggest that he could play any of our Nike One balls. He rarely shapes shots. He is more concerned with feel around the green rather than added distance. That's because he hits so many wedges into greens. He thinks he already has plenty of spin with his wedge, which might become too much with the four-piece Nike One Tour."

Rock's recommendation: "The softer-compression Vapor would be my suggestion. It doesn't have a urethane cover (like the One Tour and One Tour D). But its low compression and soft cover should ensure that Stephen has soft feel on chips, putts and longer iron shots. Vapor could provide a little more distance, too."

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