ClubTest 2014: Adams XTD Driver

Photo: Michael Chini

Adams XTD Driver

Adams XTD Driver
Category: Game-Improvement Drivers
Price: $399
9°, 10.5°, 12° with Matrix Ozik HD 6Q3 Red Tie graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Slots in the crown, sole and toe allow the face to flex more for faster ball speeds on off-center hits. Progressive face thicknesses -- the center is thickest and perimeter is thinnest -- create more of a trampoline effect. Each head offers the adjustability to dial in loft by +/- 1.5° and face angle.

Very consistent results across most hits; the XTD isn’t the longest stick in the test but it holds its own; a few testers are quick to point out that they get a nice combination of carry and roll.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Some testers find that accuracy is this club’s real forte; good job limiting dispersion; no banana balls with the XTD.
FEEL: Many testers get a good sense of where the head is throughout the swing; acceptable impact feel on good swings; the clubhead is stable at contact.
PLAYABILITY: Typical flight for most testers is straight to a slight draw; shots fly on a boring, flat trajectory; relatively low-launching, low-flying club compared with others tested.
LOOK: The notch at the top helps some guys to center and square the ball; the big head has a nonreflective black matte finish that goes well with the red shaft.

Some testers mention a lack of precise feedback on contact; others have a hard time squaring up the face on a consistent basis; more suited to delivering playable misses than shaping shots with ease.

BOTTOM LINE: Reliable enough to fit an array of players.

HOT STIX'S TAKE: Launch - Mid; Spin - Low

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