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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

From Golf Magazine (Buyer's Guide, May 2009)

It's for: High handicappers

Company line:
"This stick is all about giving you maximum distance and extreme forgiveness. The long-hitting set is a mixture of the best materials and construction methods that you'll find in a set of clubs."

How it works: These big ol' irons (6-PW) are hollow, like hybrids, to maximize perimeter weighting. They have milled grooves to optimize spin, extra sole weighting and a thermoplastic insert across the back cavity that reduces shock by 30 percent. The shafts increase by 0.75-inch increments (rather than 0.50-inch) to create discernible distance gaps from club to club.

Add Idea Tech a4OS hybrids (3-5) for a bona fide max-game-improvement design. The magnesium crown (77 percent lighter than stainless steel) pushes more weight to the sole. The club's low CG (4 percent lower than Tech OS) should improve launch. A geometric "Boxer" shape plus two tungsten sole weights (totaling 16 grams) fortify head stability (MOI is 15 percent higher than Tech OS). The draw-bias head has a maraging steel face to augment ball speed on off-center hits.

$799, steel; $899, graphite

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