An interchangeable weight rod and adjustable hosel in the Titleist 818H2 hybrid ensure a proper fit.
Courtesy of Titleist
Wednesday, February 21, 2018

PRICE: $280

SPECS: 17°, 19°, 21°, 23°, 25° and 27° with Fujikura Atmos HB Tour Spec Blue 8, Project X Even Flow Blue 85 HYB and MCA Tensei Pro White, Blue or Red graphite shafts.

RECOMMENDATION: Targets low- and mid-handicaps who favor a mid-to low launch and workability.

KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A 16-mode adjustable hosel and a new, interchangeable weight rod ensure that each hybrid produces the launch and shot shape you need; a redesigned channel in the sole and a flexible polymer insert aid ball speed and improve launch.

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The H2 maintains more iron DNA than its bigger brother, the H1, which makes it slimmer and more workable—an ideal combo for better players and those with steeper swings. It's still easier to play than an iron—the H2 (and the H1) features a reconfigured geometry that the company claims increases MOI by 10 percent, adding forgiveness. A new SureFit CG weighting system—borrowed from Titleist drivers—makes the new H2 more playful than ever, capable of banging out draws and fades with the turn of a screw.

A view of the Titleist 818H2 hybrid at address.

Courtesy of Titleist


"Streamlined, compact and very attractive aesthetics. Performance characteristics favor penetrating, lower-spin ball flights. Tremendous adjustability. Tends to favor a mid-low launch."

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