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Best cold-weather golf jackets at the PGA Show
Dylan Dethier selects his three favorite jackets from the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show.
By Dylan Dethier
Monday, February 05, 2018

I grew up playing golf in the unpredictable spring and fall weather of New England, which didn't just mean wind and rain but sleet, snow and cold, too. So when I arrived at my first PGA Show, I was eager to find a jacket that would perform on the course — and look good while doing so.

I scoured the Show floor for hours, and here were my three favorites:

Galvin Green Interface-1 Larry Jacket ($260)

The Larry comes in navy and black.
Galvin Green

This jacket just launched as a part of Galvin's spring 2018 line and is one you could wear on the course or on the city streets and feel more than comfortable either way. The Larry is lightweight but serves as a solid second layer, and the whole Interface-1 line has Gore-Tex incorporated to make it windproof, water repellant and breathable.

You can check out the Larry HERE.

Zero Restriction Z-600 Full Zip ($265)

The Z-600 comes in navy and black.
Zero Restriction

The Zero Restriction was slightly heavier and warmer; this has some substance to it and could keep you warm on a chilly morning. What I was impressed with was how despite its warmth, the well-named Zero Restriction didn't inhibit movement at all.

Check out the Z-600 HERE.

Golfino Links Polar Fleece Jacket (€259)

Dylan Dethier sporting the Golfino jacket on-screen.

Another European company happily making the trek across the pond. I love the mix of textures on the Links jacket; fleece on the sleeves and more of a wind-resistant patterned material in the vest area. Bring 'em on!

The new model isn’t yet out, but the closest thing is HERE.

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