The new F-MAX variable length irons are built for super-game improvement.
Courtesy of Cobra
By Michael Chwasky
Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Designed for players with moderate clubhead speeds that want more distance and forgiveness, the new Cobra F-MAX driver ($299) is extremely lightweight and easy to hit. Available in both men's and women's models the new F-MAX features a 50g shaft (45g for women) and an overall lighter swing-weight as well as midsize Lamkin REL grips, making the clubs simply easier to swing for a large segment of players. Other features of the F-MAX include a forged titanium face for more ballspeed and a larger effective hitting area, internal weights near the heel for a less slices and a straighter, longer flight, and a new alignment aid on the crown for more accurate set up. The F-MAX is also available in both offset and straight hosel designs and comes in 9.5-degree, 10.5-degree, and 11.5-degree lofts for men and 15-degree for women.

F-MAX fairway woods ($199) and hybrids ($179) are designed with the same philosophy as the driver and feature similar, super lightweight shafts and midsize grips for maximum speed, forgiveness, and comfort. The fairway woods come in 16-degree, 20-degree, and 23-degree lofts for men and 19 o, 23 o, and 27 o lofts for women, and feature stainless steel construction, offset hosels, and heel-biased weighting for straighter flight and less slicing. The hybrids come in 19-degree, 22-degree, 25-degree, 28-degree, and 31-degree lofts for men and 23.5-degree, 26.5-degree, 29.5-degree, and 32.5-degree lofts for women and share many of the same technologies as the fairways and driver, including midsize grips and super light shafts.

An underneath profile of the F-MAX Fairway Wood.
Courtesy of Cobra

In addition to the woods Cobra is also introducing the F-MAX family of irons, which comes in both standard and single-length options for men ($599 steel, $699 graphite combo, $499 One Length) and women ($699 graphite combo, $499 One Length). Like the F-MAX woods, the irons are designed for super-game improvement performance for players who want easy-to-swing clubs aimed at increased swingspeed, distance, and forgiveness.

F-MAX irons come standard with lighter swing weights and shafts as well as midsize grips and also feature a low profile clubhead with a very low and deep CG location, improving both launch and forgiveness on off-center hits. A deep undercut cavity promotes more flex in the clubface at impact for increased ballspeed and distance throughout the set while a progressive design creates long irons (4-7) with extra forgiveness and short irons (8-SW) with more precision and a softer feel. For players who prefer constant length irons the F-MAX One Length features all of the same technologies but is designed to match 7-iron weighting throughout the set.

The standard men's steel iron set consists of 5i-GW while the men's One Length set consists of 6i-PW. The men's Graphite Combo set includes 4H, 5H, and 6i-PW. The women's Graphite Combo set includes 5H, 6H, 7i-GW, while the women's One Length set includes 7i-PW and SW.

The entire Cobra F-MAX family will be available at retail on August 18th.

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