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ClubTest 2017: 29 new iron models
GOLF's Rob Sauerhaft and our testers provide an overview of over two dozen new iron models featured in ClubTest 2017.
Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Edited by Rob Sauerhaft; Reviews by Michael Chwasky, Mark Dee and Alana Johnson

Is any shot more satisfying than a well-struck iron? It feels pure. True. Visceral. This month, our four-part ClubTest series spotlights the weapons that provide that sublime sensation. Our 40-man panel analyzed 29 iron models during two weeks at the World Golf Village Resort in St. Augustine, Fla. These golf-obsessed guys worked with Hot Stix Golf, who provided fitting expertise and recorded valuable data using TrackMan launch monitors. (We highly recommend you get custom-fit for your next set, whether you're scratch or trying to break 100. Playing fitted clubs shaves major strokes!)

ClubTest 2017: 19 new drivers tested and rated!

This year's new gear has great features: fast, flexible faces to boost ball speed; updated CG locations to improve head stability; refined sole designs to help your contact; and shock-absorbing materials for better feel. To help you find your new sticks, we grouped irons by category: Better Player (most maneuverable), Game Improvement, and Max Game Improvement (most forgiving).

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