Scotty Cameron Putter Fitting Gallery Now Open to Public!

  Scotty-cameron1_640 (Scotty Cameron in his new custom putter fitting gallery. Courtesy of Titleist) For all of you who dreamed of one day having the opportunity to get a custom fitted Scotty Cameron putter just like the pros use every week on Tour, your wish has finally come true. Yup, the brand new Scotty Cameron Gallery, located in Encinitas in Southern California, is now open to the public. At The Gallery, which is Cameron's first public putter fitting studio in the U.S., anyone who makes an appointment (and pays $350) will get a two-hour fitting session with a Cameron-trained fitter and have the same experience that Tour players have when they go to the nearby private Cameron Putter Studio.That experience, which Cameron calls "The Art of Putting," includes the use of a proprietary high-speed video analysis system (with nine camera angles) and an explanation of exactly how your stroke effects the movement of the putter and the ball. After your session you can order a custom-made Cameron putter (for an additional fee) that's perfectly fitted to your stroke. 

The system we've developed is patented and it focuses on both the putter and the ball -- the ball is affected by the putter and the putter is affected by the player, so it's critical to see the entire picture. When someone comes in it's not a lesson but rather an attempt to get the player, putter, and ball to work together. To make this happen we answer all kinds of questions pertaining to putting - hand position, ball position, forward press, shaft angle, toe flow, loft, lie angle, grip size and shape, head weight, and a number of other critical aspects of set up, stroke, and putter design are analyzed. After a player understands how all these factors affect their putting they immediately develop a lot more confidence, which is one of the most important characteristics of a good putter. -Scotty Cameron
The Gallery is also a retail space where a wide variety of items, many of which are designed by Cameron himself, that will be available for purchase. These items include everything from luxury apparel and surfboards (shaped by Rob Machado), to wine and putting accessories. Also, Tour-used putters that sporadically come back from the Tour will be made available for purchase on a weekly basis. You can view more photos of The Gallery below.
To make an appointment for a putter fitting session go to or call the Scotty Cameron Gallery Concierge at (760) 230-6000.  Gallery address: 927 S. Coast Highway 101, Suite E-100, Encinitas, CA, 92024 Scotty-cameron2_640 Scotty-cameron3_640 (Photos: Courtesy of Titleist) BUY your own Titleist Scotty Cameron gear in our online store For more news that golfers everywhere are talking about, follow @si_golf on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube video channel.

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