Friday, May 16, 2014

BSG-e6-USA_lid-ball-sleeve_640All premium Bridgestone golf balls are now manufactured in the good 'ole USA and to celebrate the company has introduced a limited edition USA e6 ($26.99/dozen). Featuring the same sidespin busting design as the original e6, the USA model comes complete with red, white, and blue packaging as well as an American flag on each and every ball. 

“Bridgestone is excited that all of our premium balls are now manufactured right here in the United States, particularly at a time when many traditionally-American golf brands have chosen to move their operations off-shore,” said Dan Murphy, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bridgestone Golf, Inc. “Like so many golf consumers, we truly value U.S. manufacturing and domestic job creation, and each of these e6s that are put into play will have been proudly produced right here in America.”
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