Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Titleist-balls_640Titleist NXT Tour Price: $34/dozen IT'S FOR: Aspirational, competitive golfers who seek Tour-like short-game control and added length. THE SKINNY: The three-piece ball features a softer dual core and softer cover than the previous model, for better feel and short-game control with no distance loss. A spherically tiled dimple pattern contributes to its stable flight, even in windy conditions. The NXT Tour has similar spin numbers (and performance) to the Pro V1x off the driver and long irons. Titleist NXT Tour S Price: $34/dozen IT'S FOR: Aspirational, competitive golfers who seek Tour-like short-game control and a softer feel. THE SKINNY: It has a softer core and a softer Fusablend (thermoplastic) cover than its predecessor, for enhanced feel from tee to green. (The 2-piece NXT Tour S is softer than the NXT Tour.) It features the same spherically tiled dimple design as the NXT Tour and has similar spin and performance to the Pro V1 with a driver and long irons. In white or optic yellow. Titleist Velocity Price: $27/dozen IT'S FOR: Slow-swing-speed golfers who want explosive distance on full-swing shots. THE SKINNY: A softer, low-compression core and softer cover equate to a longer, softer Velocity. The spherically tiled dimple pattern creates more uniform surface coverage for a more consistent, penetrating flight and a shallower descent angle, so shots roll out farther. Comes in single- or double-digit (00, 11, 22, 33) numbers. Titleist DT SoLo Price: $20/dozen IT'S FOR: Price-conscious golfers who benefit from a high-launching ball. THE SKINNY: The core and cover are unchanged, but updated aerodynamics lead to a longer ball that feels as soft as the previous DT SoLo. Titleist's lowest-compression offering has a spherically tiled dimple design, so shots reach peak height farther down range—distance gains occur more through the air than on the ground. Comes in white or optic yellow. (Photo: Kevin Sweeney) CLICK HERE for Equipment news, photos, ClubTest reviews, custom clubs, more For more news that golfers everywhere are talking about, follow @si_golf on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube video channel.

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