Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Wilson-fg-tour_640Aimed at better players, the new Wilson Staff FG Tour golf ball ($44.99/dozen) is designed to be the softest urethane-covered ball around. Featuring a 4-piece construction with a very soft core for low driver spin, distance, and enhanced feel, the FG Tour is also built with an inner mantle that delivers spin performance on scoring shots and an outer mantle that maximizes distance. A cast urethane cover helps provide tour-level performance around the greens. 
After conductng research with low-handicap players, Wilson's R&D department concluded that most better players desired a softer feel from their golf ball and lowered the compression of the FG Tour to 70, which is 20 to 40 compression points lower than most urethane-covered tour models. A new 318 dimple pattern helps stabilize the ball in flight and provides a more boring trajectory in windy conditions. 
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