Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ping-tr-putters_640Ping released three new additions to the Scottsdale TR (true roll) putter line at the BMW Championship this week -- the TR Senita B, TR CRAZE-E, and TR Anser T. Like all members of the Scottsdale TR line, each of the new sticks features a dark finish as well as Ping's variable-depth-groove insert, which is designed to provide a more consistent roll regardless of where on the face the ball is struck. 
The Senita B is a counterbalanced mallet that features a 400g head, a 17-inch, 50g grip, and a 38-inch standard length. The counterbalanced design is aimed at providing similar stability and performance as a belly putter without having to anchor the grip. The Senita B is made to work with all stroke types. 
The TR CRAZE-E features the same alignment features and overall design as the original CRAZE-E that was first introduced in '04. A 360g clubhead improves stability and forgiveness at impact. 
The TR Anser T is based on Ping's most iconic design (the Anser) but with the added benefit of a unique, bridge-style alignment aid that runs from the leading edge to the back of the clubhead. Ping engineers say their research shows this type of alignment aid encourages more confidence at address and during the stroke. 
All three of the new Scottsdale TR models will be available in golf shops November 1.  (Photo: TR Senita B (top), TR CRAZE-E (middle), and TR Anser T (Bottom); Courtesy of Ping) CLICK HERE for Equipment news, photos, ClubTest reviews, custom clubs, more For more news that golfers everywhere are talking about, follow @si_golf on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube video channel.

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