Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Titleist-714-boxes-printscreen_640Titleist’s current stable of irons—MB, CB, AP1 and AP2 (712
series)—has enjoyed a strong two-year run on Tour and in the marketplace. However,
two years is a long life cycle by today’s standards so you should expect the next-generation
MB, CB, AP1 and AP2 (714 series) at retail in mid-November. As part of the
company’s “performance validation process,” Titleist brass took prototype 714
irons to the PGA Tour this week at the AT&T National in Bethesda, MD.  
Titleist (like other club companies) typically doesn’t share every minute design enhancement so far ahead of
launch. But here’s what we do know: Players love the look and feel of the current MB and CB. The new irons will be quite similar visually to the 712 series with an emphasis placed on a refined sole design that makes it easier to get
the club in and out of the turf.
Multi-material AP1 and AP2 irons (712
series) are well balanced in terms of workability, forgiveness and feel. In short, the clubs look small and play big. The company’s already
proven it knows how to boost inertia in a clubhead without increasing blade
length and to produce a muscleback feel in a cavity back. Unquestionably, the fourth-generation AP1 and AP2 (714 series) will possess even more forgiveness while
maintaining the combination of workability and feel that these "Advanced Performance" sticks are known
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