Monday, May 20, 2013

We learned three things about Puma's new Faas Lite line of golf shoes from the above video. They are: 1) Fashionable; 2) Flexible; and, 3) Flammable. It also looks like Rickie Fowler wears them, and they work as well riding jeweled low-rider bicycles as they do for playing golf.
Luckily, the good people at PUMA filled The Shop in on some of the finer points of the Faas Lite and Faas Lite Mesh shoes, which will hit stores the first week of June. Both spikeless models are based on minimalist running ideas, meaning they're super light, flexible, and flat heel to toe to give a barefoot feel. How light? The Mesh tips the scales at 6.5 oz. (5.5 oz. for women's), and the waterproof Lite weight 8.7 oz. (7.0 oz. for women's).
Of course, there's some sizzle to go with the (petit) steak, too. The Lite and the Lite Mesh each come in three distinct colorways (women's come in two), with two sets of laces in shades that need to be seen to be understood. (Brilliant Blue/Limeade? Why not.)
PUMA will also be releasing a limited edition Faas Lite Splatter, which will incorporate graphics from Rickie Fowler's 2010 "Golf Art" expo, where he went Pollack with a pitching wedge on some canvases.
Now the brass tacks. Here's how much they'll cost you:
Faas Lite: $100
Faas Lite Mesh: $90
Faas Lite Women’s: $90
Faas Lite Mesh Women’s: $80
Faas Lite Splatter: $110
As per our previous post, Nike will also be coming out with their minimalist TW'14 shoe that same week. So choose your brand -- and your color -- and pick up a pair to bust your midseason slump.

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