Friday, March 08, 2013

Tiger-woods-nike-5-wood_640 (Tiger Woods with his new VR_S Covert 5-wood at Doral. Credit: Fred Vuich/SI) According to, Tiger just dumped his trusty old Nike 19-degree SasQuatch 2 fairway wood, which he's had in the bag for close to six years, for a brand-new Nike VR_S Covert model with the same loft. After an opening round 66 that included nine birdies, it would seem that El Tigre made the right decision, and he agrees.
“The 5-wood that I used is the SQ, so it's, what, three versions ago,” Woods said. “I finally put one in play that I felt comfortable with. I hit it a little bit further, so there's a little bit bigger gap between the 3-iron and the 5-wood but I can hit this 5-wood a little bit higher, so I can actually take something off it and throw it up in the air, which is nice.
The new VR_S Covert that Tiger put in his bag this week at The WGC-Cadillac Championship is fitted with the same Mitsubishi Diamana BB 103x shaft as his old SasQuatch. RELATED: CLUB REVIEW: Nike's VR_S Covert fairway woods MORE NIKE: Nike equipment news on

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