Monday, September 24, 2012

Cobra Golf used a 40-year-old concept to create a new set of irons for golfers who have trouble getting the ball airborne, don’t hit it very far and rarely make solid contact.

Cobra-Baffler-Hybrid-Iron-Combo-Set_600x600Because long irons are challenging to hit -- even for the game’s best players -- the Baffler Hybrid Iron Combo set doesn’t have any. Instead, the stock set comes with hybrids in place of the 4-, 5- and 6-irons. These Baffler hybrids have shallow faces to make it easier to get the ball up and two rails in the sole that are reminiscent of those found in the first Baffler utility woods built in the 1970s. If you hit the ground behind the ball, the rails help the clubs skim across the turf instead of digging, which should result in a better shot.Cobra’s new Baffler irons compliment the hybrids have a unique face that’s slightly angular, but Cobra's vice president of research and design Tom Preece said the company eliminated unnecessary material in the toe. That meant the company could lower the center of gravity in the Baffler irons and move it farther back to help golfers get the ball in the air more easily. As the set transitions from the mid-irons to the short-irons and wedges, the faces transition into a more-traditional shape.In addition, all the irons have a wide-sole and rails like the hybrids to help offset the effect of hitting the ground before you hit the ball. Cobra has also positioned a thermoplastic vibration dampening system behind the face, that enhances feel and improves the sound at impact, Preece said.
Below is a video produced Cobra Golf that explains more about the clubs. The Baffler Hybrid Iron Combo set (4-6h, 7-PW, GW) will cost about $599 with graphite hybrids and steel-shafted irons and $699 for an all graphite-shafted set. Related: Follow David Dusek on Twitter | Facebook | Google+

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