Friday, January 27, 2012

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Stan Van Meter was playing a round of golf a few years ago when one of the game's most perplexing questions struck him -- where in the heck is the beer cart girl?
Van Meter, who used to work in aviation security, decided to start Scan4Beer, a QR code scanning application that allows you to place an order right from your smart phone. Qrcode_forblogGolfers simply scan a QR code [right] located on the cart or scorecard with their smartphone and choose their order. Then Scan4Beer sends a message to the beverage cart worker. If there are multiple cart girls on the course, the order is sent to both of them. Thanks to GPS technology on your phone, the cart girl can track where you are on the course.
"Instead of driving around aimlessly, they know where to go," said Victoria Leigh, a spokesperson for Scan4Beer.
Van Meter said about 500 courses have signed up for the technology. Once a course installs the QR codes on the cart or scorecard, Van Meter said his company can continuously customize the menu offerings on the application.
They can also provide a lot of useful data for the course. For instance, what time of day do they get the most customers, what are the popular items on the menu and what area of the course gets the most orders.
Golfers can also place an order to the clubhouse, so their drinks and food are ready after the round. But most importantly, Van Meter said, it speeds up your round and allows you to concentrate on golf and not worry about your drink order.
"It improves pace of play," Van Meter said. "While you're putting out, [the cart girl] is preparing your drink." For more information on how Scan4Beer works, check out the video below or go to

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