Friday, August 12, 2011

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Two PGA Championship winners, Phil Mickelson and Martin Kaymer, are using a Mitsubishi Fubuki shaft in their drivers. Specifically, they each use the second-generation Fubuki Alpha, but as of last week there's a newer version of the white and black shaft that is decorated with ninja throwing stars.
The new Fubuki K Series shafts have a stiffer butt section thanks to a thin layer of metal positioned below the layers of graphite. The photo below shows a Fubuki K Series shaft with a portion of the butt section cut away so you can see the steel area. MitsubishiFubukiKSeries_600x400 According to Mitsubishi's Mark Gunther, the steel section adds stability and helps distribute energy more efficiently on the downswing. He says that early tests with tour players like Lucas Glover and Davis Love are indicating that it launches the ball lower than previous Fubuki shafts, but with about the same amount of spin and slightly more ball speed.
While the butt section was upgraded, the technology in the tip section remained the same. Like previous Fubuki shafts, two different types of high-modulus graphite are fused together, and then encased by another layer of graphite. By having a stiffer area right next to a more flexible section, a hinge-effect is created in the tip that launches the ball higher and decreases spin for greater distance.
The Fubuki K Series shaft will start appearing in pro shops in October for $400. Related: Gallery of new premium shafts | Follow David Dusek on Twitter | Facebook

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