Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tiger-Woods-Nike-Masters_600x450 DRIVER:  Nike Victory Red Tour (8.5°) with a Mitsubishi Diamana White Board 73x shaftFAIRWAY WOODS:  Nike VR Pro (15°), SQ Sumo (19°) with Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Board 103g shaftsIRONS: Nike Victory Red Blades (3-PW) with True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 shaftsWEDGES:  Nike VR Pro (56°, 60°) with True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 shaftsPUTTER:  Nike Method 003BALL:  Nike One Tour See-Try-Buy: Learn more about Nike  clubs and schedule your fitting with GolfTEC or Golfsmith. Related: Follow David Dusek on Twitter | Facebook

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