Saturday, January 29, 2011

Titleist ORLANDO, Fla.--This is probably going to be the Year of the Driver in golf. The bad news is, there are so many options that it's going to be difficult to pick just one. The good news is, they're all exceptional options. Titleist has produced some excellent metal woods over the years, notably its 975 driver, and I've still got one of its classic PT 15 3-woods in my basement. I actually brought it to the range last fall to see if it still had some magic in it. I think it does--once I get it regripped.
Titleist is right in the mix in the Year of the Driver with its 910 line of drivers. Like TaylorMade, they're riding the game-changing wave of adjustable clubs. The 910 drivers are adjustable for both face angle and loft. The 910 comes in the D2 and D3 versions. They have the classic big-headed driver pear shape, and while the D3 is actually 15 cc smaller than the D2, which is max 460 cc, it's not easy to tell them apart.
It was obvious from Demo Day early in the week here at the PGA Merchandise Show that the Titleist drivers are going to be big this year because the Titleist tent on the range was packed. I managed to squeeze in and get off a few drives, and the D3 was impressive. It didn't hurt that Titleist had a spot on Orange County National's 360-degree range that was downwind on a day when it was blowing 30 mph but the fact is, it looked and felt like I crushed those shots. It gets a grade "A."
I can't wait until spring and a chance to tinker with a D3 and find my perfect combination of settings with the club. Like I said, it's going to be tough to pick only one driver to use in 2011. The Titleist D2 and D3 are definitely contenders.
(Photo: David Walberg/SI)

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