Friday, January 28, 2011

Dotz ORLANDO, Fla.--Although I am widely recognized for my incredible artistic skills, I'm not always in the mood to use a Sharpie to scribble identifying marks onto my golf ball.
Enter golfdotz (, which is basically an ink tattoo. That's right, tattoos for golf balls. golf dotz come on a sheet, like stamps. You peel one off, place it on the ball, rub back and forth, and remove. Bingo, the ink from the decal has been transferred to the ball. Very clever. Your ball has been colorfully marked. Now you know what it feels like to be Duffy Waldorf (he's famous for coloring on his golf balls).
Among the most popular patterns are a green shamrock, the American flag (of course), a pink martini, an ace of clubs and a skull and crossbones. PGA Tour player Rory Sabbatini was so taken by the skull and crossbones that he had his own custom logo made. It's the Sabbatini dragon--a red dragon that curves into the shape of an S. LPGA player Natalie Gulbis has her own logo, too, a heart between two reverse Gs that also resembles a pair of swans.
There are 52 designs for golfdotz. Or, like Sabbatini and Gulbis, you can create your own customized logo/drawing. A sheet of golfdotz tattoos--24 of them--sell for $5.99.
(Photo: David Walberg/SI)

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