Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Odyssey-PT82-Putter In the aftermath of his third win at Augusta, Phil Mickelson's custom Odyssey blade putter became one of the most popular pieces of golf equipment in the world. Minimalist to the core, it was perfection in the eyes of purists everywhere.
So Odyssey decided to release 82 right-handed and 82 left-handed Phil Mickelson ProType putters (replicas of Mickelson's blade) and sell them for $500 each. Remember? If you missed your chance to get one, or if the price was a tad high, you're in luck: Odyssey is making 3,000 more Phil Mickelson PT 82 putters available for $349. Like the previously released PT 82 putters, these clubs feature a single alignment line, tungsten face insert and dark PVD finish to reduce glare.
If you're interested in getting an Odyssey PT82, go to odysseygolf.com for a list of authorized dealers.

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