Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Titleist 910 Drivers NEWTON SQUARE, Pa. — This week at Aronimink Golf Club outside Philadelphia, Titleist staff players are getting their first chance to play the company's newest drivers — the 460cc 910D2 and 445cc 910D3.
What sets the new drivers apart from previous Titleist models is the Sure Fit Tour adjustment system. Using a torque wrench that comes with each club, golfers can set the clubhead into one of 16 different playing positions to customize face angle, lie angle and the playing loft.
The standard face-angle setting for the drivers is .5° open, but it can be made up to 1.5° open or 1.5° closed. As you adjust the clubface left or right, the effective loft changes within a 2.25° range.
According to Stephanie Bezilla, Titleist's metal woods development manager, the adjustable-head system is a natural advancement of Titleist's Sure Fit system that has been in place to expedite the custom-fitting process.
"With the 909 series, we developed Sure Fit as a system to really optimize fit through shafts," Bezilla says. "When we started to think about the ability to adjust loft, lie and face angle, we really wanted to replicate the Tour bending experience. So with the Sure Fit Tour, which is incorporated into 910 products, we now have the ability to adjust loft and lie independently."
She says now golfers can more easily optimize a drivers' launch angles and spin rates to help players maximize distance, then adjust lie angle to improve impact efficiency and dispersion control.
In addition to the adjustability features, the titanium crown of the 910 drivers is thinner and lighter than the crown in the 909 drivers. That automatically lowers the center of gravity. A new face insert in the club also helps to help increase ball speed. The weight plug on the bottom of the club is also adjustable, with the drivers coming with a 7 gram weight, but lighter and heavier weights will also be available.
Compared to each other, the 910D2 has a lower and deeper center of gravity than the 910D3, so it should naturally help players hit a slightly straighter, higher tee shot. It should also provide more stability.
Golfers who are looking for a boring trajectory and slightly more roll after the bounce will likely prefer the 910D3.
"We effectively wanted to create a D3 that was more playable and more stable for golfers, but still a viable low-spin option to increase distance," Bezilla says.Information regarding stock shafts, as well as lofts that will be available at retail, has not be finalized but you can expect to see the 910 drivers arriving in pro shops later this year.

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