Friday, April 23, 2010

TaylorMade-Rossa-Monza-Ghost Putters come in all shapes and styles these days, from minimalist blades to high-MOI potato mashers, but nearly all of them have either a metallic or darkened finish. But TaylorMade is set to release one of the most eye-catching putters in recent memory ... and that's the whole point of the Rossa Corza Ghost.
The first thing that every golfer is going to notice about the putter is that it's white. Really white, with three sight lines on the crown and a hole in the back.
The goal of the Corza Ghost was to make it the easiest putter ever to aim. The white color stands out in sharp contrast against the greens' grass, so the topline and leading edge are easy to focus on. And because all the areas of the Ghost are white, there are no "hot spots" or portions of the putter that draw the golfer's attention away from the leading edge.
TaylorMade intends golfers to use the middle of the three alignment lines to go along the intended path. The outer two alignment lines are as wide as a golf ball, which can help players "bracket" the ball and trust their aim more.
The hole in the back of the putter is supposed to be a final visual check for your aim.
Aside from all the visual alignment aids, the Ghost features TaylorMade's AGSI+ face insert to soften the feel and help get the ball rolling faster.
The new TaylorMade Rossa Corza Ghost putter will be shown to PGA Tour pros starting next week in Charlotte, and should start appearing in pro shops starting in June for about $160.See-Try-Buy: Learn more about TaylorMade clubs, and schedule your fitting with GolfTEC. Related: Follow David Dusek on Twitter

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