Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ball-seminar ORLANDO, Fla. – While major manufacturers show off their latest offerings here at the PGA Merchandise Show, several also offer seminars to PGA professionals on topics ranging from how to sell more products to stretches that improve distance off the tee.
Titleist is not releasing any new balls here this year, but the company's golf ball fitting seminar contained several interesting nuggets of information that could help you find the ideal ball for your game.
1. According to Bill Morgan, Titleist's senior vice president of ball research and development, driver distance is not a key variable when comparing Titleist balls. He said that Pro V1, Pro V1x, NXT, NXT Tour, and DT Solo all travel within four yards of each other off the tee.
2. Putting constitutes about 40% of players' strokes, but once a golf ball is rolling, there is no real performance difference between balls.
3. Many of Titleist's PGA Tour players spend several weeks testing various golf balls before making a change, but most amateur players spend just minutes thinking about which ball they should play.
The major difference between the balls in the Titleist family is spin and performance around the green. The Pro V1 spins more than the Pro V1x, which in turn spins more than the NXT Tour and the NXT.
To find the ideal ball to match your swing and your game, Morgan says you have to try balls on the golf course. "You don't play golf into nets, and you don't play golf on the range," he said. He suggests going to a hole you know well on a course you play often, and trying to chip and pitch different balls. Then, working back toward the tee, hitting approach shots with longer clubs.
The ball you should start playing is the one that tends to give you the best results.
(Photo: David Dusek)

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