Thursday, December 03, 2009

Proving that playing golf in the snow is not just stupid but fun, two intrepid golfers from Adidas—Josh Sullivan and Lindsay Knowlton—journeyed this week to the southernmost golf course in the world, Ushuaia at the tip of Argentina. It flurried, hard, and a large feral dog followed them around, but they managed to bang orange and yellow balls around the course anyhow.
Estimated par, given the conditions: 115.
You can follow their efforts at various extreme spots at (as well as on Twitter and Facebook). It looks like fun. No wait on the tee box, which is always a plus. But a bit tricky chipping in the snow. Groundskeepers had to shovel a path for putting (hey, no fair!). Adidas Wear In The World - Ushuaia Day 13 from Jeff Dolen on Vimeo.
As far as their wardrobes go, key point: no parkas and no bulky natural fiber garments. Cold weather golf is all about layering. Everything was high-tech and stretchy, from their ClimaWarm thermal compression undergarments to their ClimaWarm Honeycomb jackets and ClimaProof Storm trousers. The only thing missing was an all-terrain 4x4, with a bottle of Hennessy in the glove, to cart them around. — Woody Hochswender

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